Kinky Phone Sex

By , October 9, 2012

For all my kinky phone sex lovers out there, I a big bag full of trix! I know when you call for kinky phone sex you’re not just looking to try a new position, you’re looking to really let loose! You want to do and say all the things that other women have said NO to.  My it would really get you off to call me a filthy slut, or a naughty little whore. Maybe you want me to call you a dirty pedo or a cock sucker. Maybe those are the words that will take your orgasm to an earth shattering, body shaking orgasm that you’ll never be able to forget. L

Whatever your fantasy, I promise you when you call me for kinky phone sex I’ll give you my full attention, and I will tend to all your needs. After all … that’s what I’m here for, and it’s what I love to do.

Kylie 1 877 719 3054

Incest Phone Sex

By , September 27, 2012

I have an incest phone sex fantasy idea … what about a daddy daughter day at the gym???

You could go with your pretty little college daughter to the gym while you visit her at her school. Seeing her dressed up in those tiny, tight little shorts and that little white tank top & seeing all the boys stare at her and whisper to each other as she walks by makes you realize how much she’s grown up, and how much trouble she must be getting in. Watching her giggle and bounce around on the elliptical machines isn’t helping you as you try to disguise the raging boner in your gym shorts.  That plump, round teen ass has never looked better. And so our incest phone sex fantasy continues

…. after over an hour of your cock being teased by your little girl, she tells you she wants to do a little cool down. She shows you in to an empty room with mats on the floor, and kicks off her shoes so she can start doing a little yoga … what would you do NEXT if this was your incest phone sex fantasy?… Call me and let me know … I’d love to see how naughty you can get.

Kylie 1 877 719 3054

Age Play Phone Sex

By , August 20, 2012

Are you ready to spoil this age play phone sex princess? Because if you’re ready to spoil me, I’m ready to do… just about anything.

So do you think you can spoil this age play phone sex princess?  If you do, call me and said “I want to spoil you.” then tell me how big of a tip you want to give me before we even start our call. You’re going to have to pay me to keep my little mouth shut about it too… you wouldn’t want the wife finding out, would you? Who knows, I could end up telling my girlfriends about our little deal and you could have a dozen girls showing up at your door, tormenting and teasing you with their hot little bodies just so they can get money to go shopping. Because you know how teenage girls love to shop for hot little outfits that give boys, and older men big boners!

I know you watch me, you’re always looking through your window, my life is exciting and I’m always getitng in to cars with boys or hanging out in my yard tanning with my girlfriends. The anticipation of having me in your house, cock teasing you, is more than you can handle. As a matter of fact, it’s kind of your fetish isn’t it?  Well, you’re just going to have to break down and pay for it before those big full balls of yours get any fuller. *grin*

You are going to feel deliciously fucked, in more ways than one, after our age play phone sex call.


Kylie 1 877 719 3054


Age Play Phone Sex

By , July 13, 2012

Something about me caught your eye. Was is the age play phone sex that I specialize in? Or was it something else ….
It’s not secret that I am exceptionally convincing when it comes to age play phone sex, and that young innocent voice is so tempting isn’t it? Even if you just called to talk you end up wrapping your fingers around your cock and stroking it up and down. It blows your mind the way my voice takes you away. And you can’t believe how much better it feels to stroke to the sound of it…

I’m an expert at making it feel extra good for my callers, and I love nothing more than hearing how incredibly viciously you cum when you indulge in your underage fantasies.

Succumb to your age play phone sex desire, and I will make sure you sucCUMb  harder than you’ve ever sucCUMb in your life *grin*

Kylie 1 877 719 3054

Submissive Phone Sex

By , June 20, 2012

Submissive phone sex is something that you know I love, come on, you can see it in my eyes… and my body.  My body is perfectly fuckable, and I was built to be your little submissive phone sex slave. Whether you want to tie me up, spank me, tease me, rape me, humiliate me or just make me worship your cock, I’m the girl for you. I’ve got an ass that won’t quit, natural breasts that are perfect for titty fucking, and a warm, wet mouth for … well whatever you want to use it for. And don’t forget that sweet, tight pussy and that unbelievable little ass hole of mine.  You’d have to be crazy to pass up using any of my naughty little holes.

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Kylie 1 877 719 3054